I have great ambition,
to die of exhaustion, not boredom.

Thomas Carlyle

TuliMotki & Lordicon


Our first partnership resulted in the creation of Lordzik — a mascot with a crown inspired by Lordicon’s logo. Every month, one Lordzik finds a new home under the Lordicon Charity program. So far, our mascots have found home in Lili’s, Kubuś’ and Adaś’ arms. All of them fight for their health every day. 

Every month Lordicon donates 10% of its income to support those in need. Aside from financial support, each and every of them receives a Lordzik, which we created in collaboration with Tomasz Wilusz, who came up with the idea for the project.

An independent design and animation studio. Their mission is to revolutionize the icon industry by breathing life into pixel creations. Day by day, they create memorable projects, which represent brands’ messages in a smart, highly visual, and eye-pleasing manner.

Our website is full of their icons.

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